Similarities And Differences Between Film Blowing And Extrusion Blow Molding

Film Blowing

This Is a Process That Uses a Blow Molding Machine To Make Plastic Films Through The Use Of Polyethylene And a Blend Of Polymers. The Process Involves Extrusion, Melting, Expansion, And Solidification. The Blown Film Has Two Main Advantages As It Has a Better Balance Of Mechanical Properties Because It Is Drawn From Both Transverse And Machine Directions. It Also Has a High Level Of Flexibility Thus Less Scrap Material And High Productivity. Film Blowing Technique Embraces Technology In The Production Of The Agricultural Film, Food Wraps, Laminating Film, Etc.

Extrusion Blow Molding

This Is a Manufacturing Process Whereby Hollow Plastic Parts, Glass Bottles, And Hollow Shapes Are Formed And Joined Together. The Process Begins With Heating The Pet Plastic Into a Reform Then Channeled Into Tube-Like Piece Of Plastic With a Hole In One End Onto Which Compressed Air Can Pass.

Similarities Between Film Blowing And Extrusion Blow Molding

Both Film Blowing And Blow Molding Use Extrusion Methods And Both Uses Extruded Tube During The Molding Process. Also In Both Processes, Pet Material Commonly Used As It Has Favorable Properties For Packaging And Transportation. They Usually Give Clear, Odorless And Corrosive-Resistant Bottles.

Difference Between Film Blowing And Extrusion Blow Molding

It Is All About What Happens To The Plastic Once It Has Been Extruded And Its Thickness Set. Film Blowing Produces a Part That Is Solid Such As a Reusable Coffee Cup Lid While Blow Molding Produces Hollow Parts Such As Water Bottles. For Filmmaking, The Tube Is Usually Pointed Upwards And Filled With Compressed Air Expanding The Tube Outwards And Holding It Upright Like a Long Balloon. Above The Extruders Mouth, The Plastic Stops Being Molten And Solidifies. At The Top Of The Tube, The Plastic Will Be Pinched In Between Rollers Helping Trap The Air Into The Lower Tube. The Now Flattened Tube Proceeds On To Be Transformed Into Various Film Products.

Blow Molding Is a Lot Thicker Than The Film And Upon Exiting The Mouth Of The Extruder. The Tube Is Clamped Into a Two-Piece Mold And Moved Sideways Out Of The Way Of The Following Extrude a Tube Of Plastic With An Air Supply That Will Inflate The Trapped Plastic Bubble To Fill The Mold. The Plastic Then Solidifies And Retains The Shape Of The Mold. While That Has Been Happening, Another Mold Will Have Clamped The Next Bit Of Tube That Is Being Extruded Continuously.

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